Fees Specialist in Blood Bank Program

Once the student is accepted into the program, $800 must be paid; this amount will be reduced from the total $3000 fee imposed for this program. This fee is not considered tuition but a fee imposed for continuing education. THIS FEE IS NOT REFUNDABLE. The $2200 must be paid on the first day of the program. The $800 and the $2200 are non refundable.

For the mandatory on campus orientation week, the student is responsible for hotel, food, transportation to Galveston and getting to UTMB once on the Island. Housing is not available on UTMB campus. No other trips to Galveston will be required.

There also might be a charge from your affiliation to use reagents or other items. The lab/clinic/hospital were you go to get experience to finish the checklist MAY also charge.

Occasionally the student will find they cannot complete the program for whatever reason. A student can ask to take a Leave of Absence and come back at a later time to finish the program. If for any reason the student decides to withdraw from the program, no fees will be reimbursed once they have been paid.