Training and Distance Education Specialist in Blood Bank Program

SBB programs have always been promoted for providing the student with theoretical and practical experience that cannot be obtained by "grandfathering" the SBB ASCP exam. The purpose of a WEB based SBB program is to provide the same experience but at a distance. The student will not have to leave their present position and move to Galveston. The student will be responsible for obtaining clinical sites to obtain the necessary experience.

Curriculum Description

There are 12 modules; each module has a set of objectives and PowerPoint presentations to help organize the information. Each module also has homework assignments, wet lab assignments, and clinical practice requirements. After each module the student will take a test using BlackBoard. There is a comprehensive midterm examination plus a comprehensive final examination. So in a 12 month period there will be 14 exams.

Course Requirements

The student MUST have a BS degree and employed in blood bank field. The student will need access to the internet.

For hardware and software recommendations, please refer to this site:

For clinical rotations, the student will use their place of employment or other blood banks in the area where they live. A mentor with extensive background in blood bank is required to help guide the student in finding materials and clinical sites for rotations.

Faculty Student Interaction

The student will have access with the education coordinator via email, discussion board and as a last resort, the telephone. The education coordinator will answer email within 24 hours unless she is out of the office. Back up for the education coordinator during times she is on vacation will be done using other faculty members.

Required technical skills and/or competencies

The student must be able to do ABO, Rh typing and antibody detection and identification.

Required technical skills and/or competencies

The student must be able to do ABO, Rh typing and antibody detection and identification.

Progress and Certification Requirements

Students will be awarded points for completion of examination, notebook, clinical rotations, research, education and management projects. A wet practical examination will not be given but case studies via email must be completed.

Academic Support

The mentor and the education coordinator will provide academic support. For any academic problems, the student will be advised as to the procedure and help will be provided as needed.

Distance Education

Do you think you are the type of student that can learn at a distance. The following link gives you information about Distance education: What Makes a Successful online student? This is an excellent site with suggestions and different quizzes to take to see if you are the type of student who can do distance education. A book for first time online learning might also be helpful for you to read: E-Learning Companion: A students Guide to Online Success by Ryan Watkins, Michael Corry.

So are you ready to apply? If so, complete the application process and if you meet the required points, a conference call will be set up so you can make an informed decision about becoming a student in the UTMB SBB program.