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ELM Off-Campus Access - Instructions

For users trying to access ELM remotely, if they try to go to a link from an email, or access it normally, they will get a 404 Error page, showing the page cannot be found. This is because the ELM site is not available outside the network. To get around this, we use Citrix:

  1. Go to My Citrix and hover your mouse over the "downloads" link at the top. You will get a mouse-over window, and in the right side of this window you will see a link to download the Citrix Receiver (ICA client), and click this link.
  2. The link will take you to another page with a link to download citrix receiver for whatever operating system you are using. Click the link to download the receiver.
  3. You can either RUN it which will download and install it automatically, or you can SAVE it (which saves the installer file) and run it from wherever you saved it.
  4. Set up is essentially clicking next through the install wizard for the receiver, and when you get to the point that it asks you for a work email and server address, you can just cancel. This is configured when you log into MyCitrix.
  5. After setting up the receiver, you'll go to My Citrix and log in with your UTMB Credentials.
  6. In the list of applications there will be one listed as "Online Training". Click it, and it will open a separate browser window that will take you to the ELM page.
  7. Click Access ELM system now, Log in, and then you'll go to "Main Menu> UTMB Menu > Enrollment Survey" and take your enrollment survey. After the survey is finished, you'll go to Main Menu > Self Service > Learning > All Learning, which will take you to your actual training courses.