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Compliance Training

Please note that if you are not on campus, you will need to utilize MyCitrix webpage and the DUO app on your smartphone or computer. Instructions can be found in the links of both names.

Required for all students

UTMB and the School of Health Professions requires all students, whether full time, part time or distance students, to take certain mandatory compliance courses each year. You must complete the Annual Student Required Training within 60 days of your first semester and annually thereafter

Failure to complete the training modules by the required due date will result in a HOLD on your student record and/or disciplinary action.

Note: Students involved in Research will have extra mandatory courses assigned and they must be completed by the due dates, as well.

Annual Student Required Training contains the following modules:

  1. General Compliance
  2. Sexual Harassment
  3. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) General Awareness
  4. Information Protection
  5. Isolation Precautions
  6. Standard Precautions
  7. Fire Safety

Standards of Conduct Guide Acknowledgement - This is not a module, but you must acknowledge that you have read and understand the Standards of Conduct Guide and agree with the policies and procedures for computer integrity.

Online Training Portal

Download: Student Compliance Training (pdf)

The new environment is available at:

Please read all instructions before launching:

  1. Turn off your pop up blocker.
  2. Clear your cache.
  3. Visit
  4. Log in using your normal UTMB log on credentials.
  5. You will initially have a My Profile questionnaire.
  6. Please answer NO to all questions. If you respond yes, you will be assigned courses that are not necessary for your role.
  7. Once you answer the questions, refresh your screen and click on My Training.
  8. Then, select My Required Training.
  9. Navigate to the Learning Plan. Your learning plan will have several small components. You must complete the entire Learning Plan to be consider complete.
  10. Locate each course and either click on the title OR the play button to launch the course.
    • Note: If you do not turn off your pop-up blocker, you will only be able to launch the course by clicking on the course title.
  11. You must pass the assessments at the end of your course content with a score of 80% or higher. When you finish the assessment, click Finish.
  12. If you fail the assessment, please click the RETRY button until you pass. The course will then take you to the launch screen again. Do not launch again. Click the X in the top right corner.
    • It will take you back to the list of courses but will not designate that particular course is complete until you either refresh or follow the next step.
  13. At the Learning Plan title, click the Back button. This will take you back to the list of courses within your learning plan. Your completion of the course will show here. Click the title of the next course in your Learning Plan.
  14. When you have completed all of the courses within the Learning Plan, refresh your screen again, navigate to My Training and select My Transcripts.
  15. The My Transcripts Widget will display all of your completed training.
    • There is a Filter button which will allow you to apply filters to your transcript.
    • You may export to PDF or Excel by selecting the Export button. Those items that have a certificate attached will appear with an icon.
    • Click the Certificate button to view the certificate.
    • Print by selecting the Print button.

If you have technical difficulty, please call the Help Desk at 409-772-5200

If you have additional questions/concerns about the training courses, please call the Office of Talent and Organizational Development at 409-747-6700 or email