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  3. Service Work Policy
  4. Work Outside School Policy
  5. Affiliations offered for Clinical Rotations (Preceptorships)
  6. Security Background Checks
    1. Some affiliate sites may require a security background check of the student before allowing them to train on-site.


Preceptorship Objectives

Each preceptorship is evaluated through cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skill) and affective (attitude) criteria:

  1. Affective criteria are evaluated at each preceptorship. Students must receive an affirmative response to all items on the Affective Objectives Checklist to pass the clinical rotation. The clinical preceptorship faculty is responsible for completing the Affective Objectives Checklist, reviewing it with the student, and returning it to the Clinical Preceptorship Coordinator, who will make the final evaluation.
    1. Clinical Preceptorship Affective Objectives and Checklist
    2. Honors Clinical Preceptorship Affective Objectives and Checklist
  2. Psychomotor criteria are evaluated at each preceptorship through the use of the Preceptorship Checklists. The checklists evaluate progress toward the completion of psychomotor objectives. Review the objectives and checklists in the table below.
  3. Cognitive criteria are evaluated at each preceptorship through the use of preceptorship exams.
Preceptorship Objectives and Checklist
Chemistry Chemistry
Hematology Hematology and Coagulation
Immunohematology Immunohematology
Microbiology Microbiology and Serology / Immunology
Phlebotomy: Objectives and Checklist (may be completed during any preceptorship)


Student at CLS Preceptorship


Each student is expected to complete an online evaluation of their Preceptorship experience upon completion of each clinical rotation. The evaluation form is available after logging into the CLS Student Information web site and navigating to the Preceptorships link on the menu bar.

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