Degree Plans Part-time and Alternate


Part-time On-campus Program

If a student finds a full-time course load difficult to maintain without compromising his or her learning process, a part-time degree plan can be arranged. These part-time degree plans are usually designed for students with other major responsibilities, such as the need to work full-time or care for family members. We recommend that these degree plans be formulated on an individual basis with the student's assigned advisor. We also suggest that these part-time degree plans not extend over a three year period.

Alternate Program

The Alternate Track Program is an enhanced program that provides extended time for Program completion. This degree plan incorporates strong academic and developmental support, as well as expanded scope of course work, leadership training, and practice. Students admitted to the Alternate Track Program are required to select an additional 8-12 semester credit hours from electives (chosen with the approval of the advisor and department chair). Courses are evenly distributed, with 12 credit hours scheduled per semester and 7 credit hours scheduled during the summer. The final phase of the third year is the same as the regular degree plan and is directed toward application of skills and knowledge through clinical experiences in various laboratories.

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