CLS Physician Assistant Studies Track

The CLS PA Track has been put on hold. Please email our Admissions Chair for availability.

The UTMB School of Health Professions is pleased to offer a dual acceptance track into the Clinical Laboratory Sciences (Baccalaureate level) and the Physician Assistant Studies (Master's level) Programs. Applicants to the program:

  1. Must meet designated criteria listed below.
  2. Must complete in detail the UTMB application. CLS-MPA applications must be received by May 1, including all supporting documentation.
  3. Must agree to pursue established departmental requirements.
Criteria for Acceptance into CLS/MPA Track
  • Completed UTMB application to UTMB CLS Program and paid application fee
  • Completed interview with both CLS and PA Program faculty
  • Three references from instructors, advisors, employers, etc.
  • Written explanation of extracurricular and/or work activities
  • Written essay (topic announced on interview day; essay written on interview day)
  • Supporting statement addressing interest and self-perception of suitability (i.e. character traits, life experiences, etc.) for the CLS and PA professions
  • Completion of all science prerequisites for the CLS program (up to 9 hours of non-science prerequisites can be completed after entering program)
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) for overall and science GPA

Once each year, the CLS department will recommend up to eight applicants to the PA department for consideration for the dual track program. Of the eight applicants recommended by the CLS department, the PA department will select up to four applicants to be part of the dual track program.

Students in the CLS/PA track must have completed all degree requirements for the UTMB CLS program and all prerequisites and requirements for the PA program before entering the PA program. As a dual track student, you are encouraged to complete the CASPA and GRE requirements by August 1 in the year prior to matriculation in the PA program in order to allow adequate time for processing. You are also encouraged to verify deadlines with the CLS and PA programs, as dates may be subject to change.

  • Complete all requirements and be awarded a BS degree in CLS no later than Spring of the year of matriculation in the PA dual track program.
  • Complete CASPA application and have it processed in the system by the annual deadline date (August 1) in the year prior to matriculation in the PA program. This includes processing of the application, all official transcripts, letters of reference, and fees. Dual track students are strongly encouraged to complete the CASPA application process by August 1 of the year prior to matriculation in the PA program to allow adequate time for processing. Submissions after this date may incur CASPA processing delays that could adversely affect the student's eligibility for the dual CLS/PA track.
  • Complete the UTMB supplemental application and pay the UTMB supplemental fee by the deadline indicated in the letter received from UTMB Enrollment Services. UTMB's receipt of the CASPA application will generate a letter from UTMB with a link to the supplemental application.
  • Have taken the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) verbal/quantitative sections within the last 5 years, and have these scores received at UTMB by October 1 in the year of the CASPA application.
  • Submit current basic cardiac life support (BLS or BLCS) certification from the American Heart Association by July 1 or the enrollment year and maintain throughout matriculation in the PA program.
  • Complete all prerequisites for the PA program with a grade of "C" grade or better, no later than the spring semester of the year of matriculation in the PA program.
  • Participate in the PA interview day activities in the year of the CASPA application.

In the event a dual CLS/PA track applicant does not satisfy all requirements, automatic admission may be withdrawn and the applicant must apply competitively.

Prerequisites for CLS and PA *
Biological Sciences8
Microbiology / Bacteriology4
Physiology (human or vertebrate, with lab)4
College Algebra or higher3
Behavioral Sciences (psychology or sociology only)3
The following prerequisites are required for all students graduating with a baccalaureate degree at a public institution in Texas
English Composition and Literature9
United States History6
United States / State Government6
Visual or Performing Arts3
Additional Prerequisites for PA *
Immunology / Virology (with lab) †4
Statistics (with analysis of variance)3
Anatomy (human or vertebrate, with lab)4
Organic Chemistry / Biochemistry (with lab) †4
Behavioral Sciences (psychology or sociology only)3

* Science courses must be for science majors and include laboratories (excluding behavioral sciences).
† Course offered in the CLS Program will satisfy this prerequisite.