CLS Laboratory Education and Advancement Program


The LEAP Program offers you an opportunity to complete a majority of your baccalaureate degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences without leaving your home community. The program is a part-time, 3.5-year (on average) degree track designed to accommodate MLTs with responsibilities in addition to their education, such as family, job, etc. Upon consultation with a CLS advisor, a student may choose the standard 3.5-year or accelerated 2-year LEAP degree plan. The goal of the LEAP Program is to provide critically needed laboratory personnel for health care facilities in rural Texas.

UTMB faculty teach distance CLS courses via:

  • Web-based instructional lessons
  • Narrated Powerpoint lectures
  • Streaming video lectures
  • Interactive discussion and chat sessions
  • On-line testing and evaluation
  • Comprehensive on-line review materials
  • On-line interactive course laboratories using video and animation
  • Occasional on-campus laboratories at UTMB Galveston or UTHSC Tyler
  • the Internet

This project was developed to specifically address the educational needs of medical laboratory technicians (MLTs) and laboratory personnel in rural east and gulf coast areas of Texas, but now serves students across the state, and even a few outside the state. It tracks medical laboratory technician students recruited from the area who take their associate level education at a local community college and then wish to complete their baccalaureate education in the same rural area.

The program provides theory and technical skills on an accelerated schedule to allow you to begin professional practice. This program is part of an over-all intensified effort by UTMB to reduce the shortage of health professionals in rural areas of the state and to develop training programs aimed at rural and primary care through a coordinated approach in the recruitment, training and retention of the rural health professional.

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