CLS Program Goals


The goals of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program are to:

  1. Collaborate with other educational institutions in providing opportunities for clinical laboratory sciences education.
  2. Provide competent clinical laboratory scientists for the under served areas of Texas.
  3. Offer the opportunity for each graduate to attain entry level success in the profession of clinical laboratory sciences.
  4. Contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of clinical laboratory sciences.
  5. Provide an opportunity for each student to develop his/her maximum potential.
  6. Contribute to the continued development and expansion of the field of clinical laboratory sciences.
  7. Promote the team concept in health care.
  8. Provide a curriculum with a knowledge/skills base for future growth of graduates.

Program Mission

The mission of the UTMB CLS Program is to anticipate the healthcare needs of the Texas community and respond by recruiting and educating a diverse group of quality laboratory professionals, while fostering collaborative relationships that generate new knowledge through innovative methodologies, research, and education.

Program Vision

The vision of the UTMB CLS Program is to enhance the community of healthcare through the quality of our graduates, scholarly activities, collaborative efforts and community interactions.