CLS The CLS Profession


What exactly is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist?

As a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, you become a behind-the-scenes detective in the health care industry, accurately and precisely performing laboratory procedures to provide crucial information in diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases. Using the latest in biomedical instruments, Clinical Laboratory Scientists analyze samples of blood, tissue and body fluids to generate accurate, reliable test results. The field of CLS is a dynamic, exciting profession that continually changes as new scientific and medical knowledge is discovered. Graduates with a degree in CLS enjoy a wide range of career options.

As a CLS Professional, you:

For more information about the Clinical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology) profession, please see this Texas Workforce Commission article or the United States Department of Labor site (earnings).

Pledge to the Profession

As a clinical laboratory professional, I strive to:

  • Maintain and promote standards of excellence in performing and advancing the art and science of my profession
  • Preserve the dignity and privacy of others
  • Uphold and maintain the dignity and respect of our profession
  • Seek to establish cooperative and respectful working relationships with other health professionals
  • Contribute to the general well being of the community

I will actively demonstrate my commitment to these responsibilities throughout my professional life.

Professionalism Ceremony

To symbolize the student's commitment to Clinical Laboratory Sciences profession, the Department hosts an annual pinning ceremony.