Online Application Procedures for Admission into the CLS

To apply online, the applicant must follow the steps below. We encourage you to print an admissions checklist to guide you in the application process.

  1. Submit to Enrollment Services:
    1. A completed online UTMB application form.
    2. The required application fee.
    3. A signed and dated supporting statement (by mail or fax).
    4. Transcripts from all previously attended universities and colleges.
    5. Reference Block in UTMB Application.
      1. Three professional references needed.
      2. The name and email address of 3 professionals must be listed in the Reference block within the UTMB Application. Enrollment Services will send an email to each of the references you list in the application and the reference will be required to respond to that email. These individuals may include a faculty member, teaching assistant, or work supervisor. If you have volunteer experience in the field of health care, the volunteer coordinator who supervised your experience may be able to complete the form. Ask each reference to add to their contact list so they can receive email from Enrollment Services.

  2. To insure prompt processing of your application, please:
    1. Review the CLS application procedures.
    2. Download or request a mailed CLS Information Packet.

Applications missing any of the above items are incomplete. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.

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