Computer Information for UTMB CLS

Laptop Requirement:

The CLS department requires students to have laptop computers for participation in and completion of class activities. Purchase loans for this purpose can be applied for through the Office of Enrollment Services.

System Requirements:

The minimum system requirements recommended for Windows- or Macintosh-based laptops are available through UTMB Information Services. A Windows-based laptop is recommended, but not required. Existing laptops may be upgraded, if necessary, to meet the minimum recommended specifications. The specifications provided in this link are subject to change.

Software Requirements:

Microsoft Office is available to current students at a generous discount from the UTMB Bookstore. Distance students can order software from the UTMB bookstore directly. They can also send an email to, or call 409-772-1939.

How do I section:

Get an email account Connect to campus How do I use Blackboard
Set up email Connect to wireless CLS Dept. Tech. HELP
Change my password Student Support How to get Help (HELP DESK)
Remote Access using vpn UTMB email on iPhone UTMB email on Android

Educational Technology Resources will be covered in detail during the CLS orientation.