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Miriam Corti
Miriam Corti
Title:Assistant Professor of Instruction
Office:SHP 4.439
Phone:(409) 772-3034
  • CLLS 6315 Clinical Immunology and Transfusion
  • B.S., 2012, LSU Health Sciences Center, Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Ph.D., 1993, New York University, Biochemistry
  • M.S., 1986, New York University, Biochemistry
  • B.A., 1983, New York University, Biology
Certifications & Licenses:
  • American Society of Clinical Pathologists
Selected Publications:
  • Pincus SH, Das A, Song K, Maresh GA, Corti M. (2014). Role of Fc in antibody-mediated protection from ricin toxin.. Toxins.May 7;6(5):1512-25.
  • Song K, Mize RR, Marrero L, Corti M, Kirk JM. (2013). Antibody to Ricin A Chain Hinders Intracellular Routing of Toxin and Protects Cells Even after Toxin Has Been Internalized.. PLoS One.Apr 24;8(4): e62417.
  • Craig RB, Summa CM, Corti M and Pincus SH. (2012). Anti-HIV Double variable domain immunoglobulins binding both gp41 and gp120 for targeted delivery of immunoconjugates. PLoS One.7(10):e46778.
  • Cutler JE, Corti M, Pincus S, Satyanarayanajois. (2012). Inhibition of protein-protein interaction of HER2-EGFR and HER2-HER3 by a rationally diesigned peptidomimetic.. Biomol. Struct. Dyn.30(5):594-606,.
  • Cutler JE, Corti M, Lambert P, Ferris M, Xin H.. (2011). Horizontal transmission of Candida albicans. PLoS One.6(7):322030..
  • Warshamana GS, Corti M, Brody AR. (2001). TNF-alpha, PDGF, and TGF-beta(1) expression by primary mouse bronchiolar-alveolar epithelial and mesenchymal cells: tnf-alpha. Exp Mol Pathol..Aug;71(1):13-33.
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