Clinical Laboratory Sciences Courses


Course List

Course #TitleHrsInstructor
CLLS Approved Elective3TBA
CLLS Approved Elective3TBA
CLLS 3200Basic Methods and Introduction to Lab Operations2Soder
CLLS 3228Professional Education Methods2Soder
CLLS 3229Parasitology2Enderle
CLLS 3231Urinalysis and Body Fluids2Salazar
CLLS 3301Introductory Case Studies3Enderle
CLLS 3307Molecular Biology3Zhang
CLLS 3310Serology / Blood Bank3Walker
CLLS 3320Intermediate Case Studies3Esani
CLLS 3329Parasitology2Salazar
CLLS 3331UA, Body Fluids & Parasitology3Salazar
CLLS 3405Intermediate Pathogenic Microbiology4Zhang
CLLS 3414Biochemistry4Esani
CLLS 3417Hematology and Coagulation I4Thierry
CLLS 3514Clinical Chemistry I5Esani
CLLS 4001Specialty Research Preceptorship2-4Enderle
CLLS 4018Clinical Laboratory Science in Global Health3Walker
CLLS 4090Methodology Evaluation2Arneson
CLLS 4090Molecular Diagnostics1-3Zhang
CLLS 4090Topics in Clinical Laboratory Sciences1-3Freeman
CLLS 4090UA and Body Fluids2Salazar
CLLS 4093Independent Investigative Studies1-3TBA
CLLS 4107Seminar in Clinical Laboratory Sciences1Salazar
CLLS 4301Clinical Preceptorship I3Enderle
CLLS 4302Clinical Preceptorship II3Enderle
CLLS 4303Clinical Preceptorship III3Enderle
CLLS 4304Clinical Preceptorship IV3Enderle
CLLS 4305Honors Clinical Preceptorship I3Enderle
CLLS 4306Honors Clinical Preceptorship II3Enderle
CLLS 4307Honors Clinical Preceptorship III3Enderle
CLLS 4308Honors Clinical Preceptorship IV3Enderle
CLLS 4309Clinical Laboratory Science Seminar3Salazar
CLLS 4310Clinical Chemistry II3Esani
CLLS 4311Case Studies in Clinical Laboratory Sciences3Enderle
CLLS 4313Clinical Laboratory Science Management Skills3Walker
CLLS 4320Problems in Clinical Laboratory Management3Walker
CLLS 4325Advanced Microbiology / Mycology3Enderle
CLLS 4326Research in Clinical Laboratory Sciences3Zhang
CLLS 4327Methodology Development & Assessment I3Thierry
CLLS 4328Methodology Development & Assessment II3Salazar
CLLS 4415Immunology / Immunohematology4Walker
CLLS 4417Coagulation and Hematology II4Thierry
CLLS 5090Special Topics - Elective1Zhang
CLLS 5093Independent Investigative Studies1-3Enderle
CLLS 5095Seminar in Transfusion Medicine II1Walker
CLLS 5107Seminar in Clinical Laboratory Sciences1Salazar
CLLS 5150Graduate Seminar in Clinical Laboratory Sciences1Salazar
CLLS 5160Intro Research in Transfusion Medicine1Walker
CLLS 5161Applied Immunohematology Practicum I1Walker
CLLS 5162Applied Immunohematology Practicum II1Walker
CLLS 5163Applied Immunohematology Practicum III1Walker
CLLS 5164Seminar in Transfusion Medicine1Walker
CLLS 5200Lab Techniques2Salazar
CLLS 5227Clinical Laboratory Methods2Salazar
CLLS 5260Blood Bank Laboratory Operations2Walker
CLLS 5261Human Blood Group Systems I2Walker
CLLS 5262Human Blood Group Systems II2Walker
CLLS 5263Applied Immunohematology I2Walker
CLLS 5264Advanced Immunohematology II2Walker
CLLS 5265Advanced Research in Transfusion Medicine2Walker
CLLS 5307Clinical Laboratory Science Seminar3Salazar
CLLS 5309Clinical Laboratory Science Research3Zhang
CLLS 5310Serology / Blood Bank3Walker
CLLS 5311Clinical Correlation3Esani
CLLS 5312Evidence Based Lab Medicine3Esani
CLLS 5314Adv Chem Tox3Salazar
CLLS 5319Biostatistics3Corti
CLLS 5320Laboratory Management3Walker
CLLS 5325Adv Micro Infectious3Enderle
CLLS 5327Laboratory Validation Studies3Corti
CLLS 5328Professional Education Methods3Freeman
CLLS 5329CLS Research3Zhang
CLLS 5330Clinical Investigative Studies3Zhang
CLLS 5331UA, Body Fluids & Parasitology3Salazar
CLLS 5332Master's Project3Zhang
CLLS 5333Master's Thesis3Zhang
CLLS 5335Clinical Practice I3Enderle
CLLS 5336Clinical Practice II3Enderle
CLLS 5337Clinical Practice III3Enderle
CLLS 5338Clinical Practice IV3Enderle
CLLS 5339Clinical Management Preceptorship3Enderle
CLLS 5340Evidence-Based Specialty Preceptorship3Enderle
CLLS 5341Topics in Global Health3Enderle
CLLS 5350Hematopathology3Freeman
CLLS 5351Pharmacology and Pathophysiology3Salazar
CLLS 5360Advanced Transfusion Medicine Principles3Walker
CLLS 5405Intermediate Pathogenic Microbiology4Enderle
CLLS 5414Biochemistry4Esani
CLLS 5415Immunology / Immunohematology4Walker
CLLS 5417Hematology and Coagulation I4Thierry
CLLS 5506Clinical Chemistry I5Esani
CLLS 6072DCLS Project 21-3Salazar
CLLS 6073DCLS Project 31-3Salazar
CLLS 6130DCLS Seminar 11Salazar
CLLS 6131DCLS Seminar 21Esani
CLLS 6132DCLS Seminar 31Salazar
CLLS 6301Intro to Health Assessment3Salazar
CLLS 6302Evidence Based Practice3Salazar
CLLS 6305Quality Systems, Patient Safety and Medical Error Prevention3Salazar
CLLS 6306Diagnostic Algorithms3Salazar
CLLS 6307Molecular Diagnostics3Zhang
CLLS 6309Global Health Internship3Freeman
CLLS 6310Clinical Chemistry II3Esani
CLLS 6315Clinical Immunology and Transfusion3Corti
CLLS 6320Introduction to Epidemiology3Esani
CLLS 6325Advanced Microbiology / Mycology3Enderle
CLLS 6341DCLS Clinical 13Salazar
CLLS 6342DCLS Clinical 23Salazar
CLLS 6343DCLS Clinical 33Salazar
CLLS 6344DCLS Clinical 43Salazar
CLLS 6348Advanced Topics in Molecular Diagnostics3Zhang
CLLS 6351Pathophysiology3Salazar
CLLS 6352Pharmacology3Salazar
CLLS 6371DCLS Project 13Salazar
CLLS 6398Designing Diagnostic Management Teams3Salazar
CLLS 6399Implementing Diagnostic Management Teams3Salazar
CLLS 6417Coagulation and Hematology II4Thierry