Clinical Laboratory Sciences Courses


Distance Degree Plan

Fall, Year 1
CLLS 3414Biochemistry4
Total Hours 4
Spring, Year 1
CLLS 3228Professional Education Methods2
CLLS 4325Advanced Microbiology / Mycology3
CLLS 4417Coagulation and Hematology II4
Total Hours 9
Summer, Year 1
CLLS 3320Intermediate Case Studies3
CLLS 4305Honors Clinical Preceptorship I3
Total Hours 6
Fall, Year 2
CLLS 4310Clinical Chemistry II3
CLLS 4415Immunology / Immunohematology4
Total Hours 7
Spring, Year 2
CLLS 3307Molecular Biology3
CLLS 4306Honors Clinical Preceptorship II3
CLLS 4313Clinical Laboratory Science Management Skills3
Total Hours 9
Summer, Year 2
CLLS 4307Honors Clinical Preceptorship III3
CLLS 4311Case Studies in Clinical Laboratory Sciences3
Total Hours 6
Fall, Year 3
CLLS 4308Honors Clinical Preceptorship IV3
CLLS 4327Methodology Development & Assessment I3
Total Hours 6
Spring, Year 3
CLLS 4309Clinical Laboratory Science Seminar3
CLLS 4328Methodology Development & Assessment II3
Total Hours(Graduation)6
Total Program Hours53


CLT graduates with certification are given credit for prior learning experiences, permitting the CLT certificant to be waived out of the following courses:
CLLS 3200Basic Methods and Introduction to Lab Operations2
CLLS 3310Serology / Blood Bank3
CLLS 3331UA, Body Fluids & Parasitology3
CLLS 3405Intermediate Pathogenic Microbiology4
CLLS 3417Hematology and Coagulation I4
CLLS 3514Clinical Chemistry I5
Total Hours 21
NOTE: Students may wish to reduce the number of credit hours taken per semester to balance their educational career with other commitments (e.g. family, workload, etc.). A reduction in the number of credit hours completed per semester will obviously lengthen the time it takes to complete the distance degree plan.
Effective Date: 9/1/2013
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