Clinical Laboratory Sciences


Accelerated Distance Degree Plan

Fall, Year 1
CLLS 3414Biochemistry4
CLLS 4415Immunology / Immunohematology4
Total Hours 8
Spring, Year 1
CLLS 3228Professional Education Methods2
CLLS 4325Advanced Microbiology / Mycology3
CLLS 4417Coagulation and Hematology II4
Total Hours 9
Summer, Year 1
CLLS 3320Intermediate Case Studies3
CLLS 4305Honors Clinical Preceptorship I3
CLLS 4306Honors Clinical Preceptorship II3
Total Hours 9
Fall, Year 2
CLLS 4307Honors Clinical Preceptorship III3
CLLS 4310Clinical Chemistry II3
CLLS 4327Methodology Development & Assessment I3
Total Hours 9
Spring, Year 2
CLLS 3307Molecular Biology3
CLLS 4313Clinical Laboratory Science Management Skills3
CLLS 4328Methodology Development & Assessment II3
Total Hours 9
Summer, Year 2
CLLS 4308Honors Clinical Preceptorship IV3
CLLS 4309Clinical Laboratory Science Seminar3
CLLS 4311Case Studies in Clinical Laboratory Sciences3
Total Hours(Graduation)9
Total Program Hours53


CLT graduates with certification are given credit for prior learning experiences, permitting the CLT certificant to be waived out of the following courses:
CLLS 3200Basic Methods and Introduction to Lab Operations2
CLLS 3310Serology / Blood Bank3
CLLS 3331UA, Body Fluids & Parasitology3
CLLS 3405Intermediate Pathogenic Microbiology4
CLLS 3417Hematology and Coagulation I4
CLLS 3514Clinical Chemistry I5
Total Hours 21
NOTE: Students may wish to reduce the number of credit hours taken per semester to balance their educational career with other commitments (e.g. family, workload, etc.). A reduction in the number of credit hours completed per semester will obviously lengthen the time it takes to complete the distance degree plan.
Effective Date: 9/1/2013
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