Clinical Laboratory Sciences Course Description


CLLS 5339

Clinical Management Preceptorship


Primary Instructor:  EnderleCredit Hours:  3

This course is designed to give students experience in performing work in a management area of the clinical laboratory including but not limited to advanced management, rural, commercial, and tertiary care laboratories. It will prepare graduates for pursuing careers in management. The student will be given the opportunity to: 1) compare and contrast the managerial techniques required in management of clinical facilities; 2) assess advanced techniques unique to the type of facility involved; 3) demonstrate more extensive expertise and knowledge base in an area of special interest to the student; and 4) integrate techniques that reflect the standards of practice in the management of clinical laboratories.


Prerequisite:  CLLS 5320 Laboratory Management or approval of department chair.
Lab Fee:  0.00
Clinical Hours:  120
Syllabus:  Available here.

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