Clinical Laboratory Sciences Course Description


CLLS 5307

Clinical Laboratory Science Seminar


Primary Instructor:  SalazarCredit Hours:  3

The student will be given the opportunity to develop a broader understanding of the clinical laboratory scientist's role as a health professional in a variety of learning experiences, including seminars, lectures, practices quizzes, and discussions. Included in this course are review and practice examinations as well as a comprehensive battery of examinations encompassing seven knowledge areas. The student's performance in the seminar, as well as on the battery of examinations, will be evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis. The comprehensive battery of examinations must be passed with a grade of "B" or above to be classified as passing on a Pass/Fail basis. 45 hours seminar and discussions.


Prerequisite:  None
Lab Fee:  $1.00
Syllabus:  Available here.

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