Clinical Laboratory Sciences Course Description


CLLS 5265

Advanced Research in Transfusion Medicine


Primary Instructor:  WalkerCredit Hours:  2

The student will be given the opportunity to: 1) demonstrate skills in application of computer programs, spread sheets, and databases; 2) generate a transfusion in medicine research proposal's introduction, hypothesis, and methods sections; 3) generate an IRB as needed to obtain approval for research project; 4) develop technical skills necessary to complete the research; and 5) generate appropriate forms for collection of all data necessary for documentation of research results. ( 15 lecture hours, and 45 conference/ seminar hours per period)


Prerequisite:  Specialty in Blood Banking certification
Lab Fee:  $0.00
Lecture Hours:  15
Lab Hours:  0
Conference, Discussion or Seminar Hours:  45
Syllabus:  Available here.

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