Clinical Laboratory Sciences Course Description


CLLS 5161

Applied Immunohematology Practicum I


Primary Instructor:  WalkerCredit Hours:  1

The student will have the opportunity to demonstrate: 1) the ability to integrate previous knowledge and skills with advanced methodologies in transfusion medicine laboratory situations; 2) the ability to apply knowledge, attitudes and skills to specific situations in transfusion medicine, including but not limited to transfusion service, immunohematology reference laboratory, quality assurance, donor recruitment, blood donor collection, blood component preparation, donor testing, HLA testing, molecular analysis of human blood groups; coagulation testing; management principles and the role of the Medical Director in transfusion medicine. Successful completion of required checklists and projects results in a grade of Pass.


Prerequisite:  Clinical practicum time to be spread over 3 semesters
Lab Fee:  $0.00
Lecture Hours:  15
Syllabus:  Not currently available.

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