Clinical Laboratory Sciences Course Description


CLLS 5360

Advanced Transfusion Medicine Principles


Primary Instructor:  WalkerCredit Hours:  3

The student will be given the opportunity to demonstrate: 1) understanding of blood circulation and normal cells of the circulatory system; 2) knowledge of hemoglobin physiology and disorders of abnormal hemoglobin production; 3) understanding of transfusion needs of patients with red cell, white cell or platelet disorders and use of human progenitor cells in these patients; 4) knowledge of tests to assess coagulation status and treatment of coagulation disorders; 5) performance of tests to assist in diagnosis of hemolytic anemias and methods to provide blood components for transfusion of these patients; 6) knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn; 7) knowledge of immunodeficiency disorders and treatment modalities; 8) knowledge of the occurrence and significance of Graft v. Host Disease in immunosuppressed patients.


Prerequisite:  Admission into Specialty in Blood Banking certificate or Masters program.
Lab Fee:  $0.00
Lecture Hours:  45
Syllabus:  Not currently available.

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