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CLLS 5325

Adv Micro Infectious


Primary Instructor:  EnderleCredit Hours:  3

This course is designed to familiarize students with the fundamentals of etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and prevention of infectious disease. Initially a brief introduction to microbiology concerning microbial physiology and genetics will be followed by host-parasite interrelationships for specific groups of diseaseproducing agents and appropriate therapeutic agents. Immunologic disorders, as well as the application of immunological principles to diagnoses of diseases, are stressed The student will be given the opportunity to: 1) Develop the laboratory diagnostic and therapeutic interventions necessary for the diagnosis and management of infectious disease; 2) Discuss preventive principles of disease control, prevention of nosocomial infections, and immunization programs: 3) Review the pertinent literature (i.e., textbooks, specific current clinical journal articles and existing electronic databases) regarding specific disease states; 4) Evaluate the pathophysiology, natural history, diagnosis and clinical management of the common or important clinical infectious disease syndromes; 5) Explain the principles of antimicrobial therapy using the functional structure and biophysiology relating to the mechanism of action of antibiotics and antimicrobial agents used in clinical medicine; 6) Utilize various aspects of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and costs of commonly used anti-bacteria. Pre-requisite: admission into Clinical Laboratory Sciences graduate program.


Prerequisite:  None
Lab Fee:  $0.0.00
Syllabus:  Not currently available.

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