Clinical Laboratory Sciences Course Description


CLLS 6315

Clinical Immunology and Transfusion


Primary Instructor:  CortiCredit Hours:  3

Students will be given the opportunity to discuss and validate clinical and applied concepts in cellular, humoral, and molecular immunology. Emphasis is on techniques in clinical immunology as it relates to clinical applications, diagnostic and therapeutic testing of immune-mediated diseases in autoimmunity, pregnancy, anaphylaxis and allergy, immunotherapy and immunotoxicology, transplantation, cancer immunology and immunodeficiency. The course provides an in-depth study of the structure, biochemistry, and function of red blood cells, hemoglobin and blood group systems that serves as the foundation for enhancement of skills in the identification and resolution of complex antibody and compatibility testing problems and the provision of appropriate and safe blood components and products for transfusion. Therapeutic indications for transfusion, transfusion requirements in special situations, and the pathophysiology and investigation of adverse transfusion reactions are also examined.


Prerequisite:  None
Lab Fee:  $0..00
Lecture Hours:  45
Syllabus:  Not currently available.

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