Clinical Laboratory Sciences Course Description


CLLS 6073

DCLS Project 3


Primary Instructor:  SalazarCredit Hours:  Variable

The student will be given the opportunity to complete a rigorous project that 1) constructs a focused investigation of a clinical laboratory science problem in real-world setting, 2) applies problem-solving methodologies for development and execution of solutions, 3) investigates and applies theory through practical implementation of a project, and 4) evaluates and reports this research project in a clear, professional manner using the guidelines set forth in the course syllabus (1 credit hr = 5 conference hrs & 36 lab hrs; 2 credit hrs = 10 conference hrs & 72 lab hrs; 3 credit hrs = 15 hrs conference & 120 hrs lab hrs per enrollment period)


Prerequisite:  CLLS 6372 DCLS Project 2
Lab Fee:  0.0
Lab Hours:  120
Conference, Discussion or Seminar Hours:  15
Syllabus:  Not currently available.

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