Clinical Laboratory Sciences Course Description


CLLS 3417

Hematology and Coagulation I


Primary Instructor:  ThierryCredit Hours:  4

The student will be given the opportunity to: 1) successfully perform both the venipuncture and capillary puncture; 2) correlate errors or problems of the venipuncture and capillary puncture with erroneous hematologic / coagulation test results; 3) recognize and correlate significant features and processes related to formation, function, and morphology of the blood's normal cellular elements; 4) recognize and correlate of the basic components of coagulation/hemostasis including their source, basic structure and function; 5) accurately perform basic hematologic / coagulation test procedures and calculations; 6) recognize abnormal hematologic / coagulation test results and determine whether the findings are more commonly associated with general disease processes versus hematologic / hemostatic disorders; 7) utilize routine quality assurance guides to identify abnormal hematologic results and correlate these with potential causes or sources of error. The major emphasis of this course will be limited to the basic concepts of hematology and coagulation, the appropriate performance, analysis and trouble shooting of basic techniques, and will have limited content introduction to abnormal findings that suggest the need for specific advanced techniques.


Prerequisite:  None
Lab Fee:  $20.00
Lecture Hours:  38
Lab Hours:  68
Syllabus:  Available here.

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