Clinical Laboratory Sciences Course Description


CLLS 3200

Basic Methods and Introduction to Lab Operations


Primary Instructor:  SoderCredit Hours:  2

The student will have the opportunity to: 1) describe correctly techniques and procedures for collecting blood samples; 2) perform successful blood collection by venipuncture and fingerstick; 3) implement appropriate techniques for handling and storage of various types of samples; 4) explain and comply with general laboratory safety practices; 5) describe and appropriately perform basic microscopy, spectrometry, pipetting, and calibration techniques; 6) discuss the role of the clinical laboratory scientist within the divisions of the clinical laboratory; and 7) observe the inter-relationship of clinical laboratory scientists within divisions of the clinical laboratory and health care.


Prerequisite:  None
Lab Fee:  $15.00
Lecture Hours:  12
Lab Hours:  22
Clinical Hours:  45
Syllabus:  Available here.

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