Clinical Laboratory Sciences Approved Elective Courses


Course #Course TitleHours
CLLS 3229Parasitology2
CLLS 3231Urinalysis and Body Fluids2
CLLS 3329Parasitology2
CLLS 4001Specialty Research Preceptorship2-4
CLLS 4018Clinical Laboratory Science in Global Health3
CLLS 4090Molecular Diagnostics1-3
CLLS 4090UA and Body Fluids2
CLLS 4090Topics in Clinical Laboratory Sciences1-3
CLLS 4090Methodology Evaluation2
CLLS 4093Independent Investigative Studies1-3
CLLS 4107Seminar in Clinical Laboratory Sciences1
CLLS 4320Problems in Clinical Laboratory Management3
CLLS 4326Research in Clinical Laboratory Sciences3
CLLS 6072DCLS Project 21-3
CLLS 6073DCLS Project 31-3
CLLS 6130DCLS Seminar 11
CLLS 6131DCLS Seminar 21
CLLS 6132DCLS Seminar 31
CLLS 6301Intro to Health Assessment3
CLLS 6302Evidence Based Practice3
CLLS 6305Quality Systems, Patient Safety and Medical Error Prevention3
CLLS 6306Diagnostic Algorithms3
CLLS 6307Molecular Diagnostics3
CLLS 6309Global Health Internship3
CLLS 6310Clinical Chemistry II3
CLLS 6315Clinical Immunology and Transfusion3
CLLS 6320Introduction to Epidemiology3
CLLS 6325Advanced Microbiology / Mycology3
CLLS 6341DCLS Clinical 13
CLLS 6342DCLS Clinical 23
CLLS 6343DCLS Clinical 33
CLLS 6344DCLS Clinical 43
CLLS 6348Advanced Topics in Molecular Diagnosis3
CLLS 6348Advanced Topics in Molecular Diagnostics3
CLLS 6351Pathophysiology3
CLLS 6352Pharmacology3
CLLS 6371DCLS Project 13
CLLS 6398Designing Diagnostic Management Teams3
CLLS 6399Implementing Diagnostic Management Teams3
CLLS 6417Coagulation and Hematology II4
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