Is WebCLS For You? Clinical Laboratory Sciences


If you have completed your laboratory certification, you are probably prepared to enter one of the WebCLS distance programs. Students who possess the following characteristics will generally excel in the program. If you do not possess all of these characteristics, it does not mean that you cannot do well in the WebCLS program. Rather, the more characteristics you possess, the more likely you will find that our program suits your educational needs and interests.

Good Time Management Skills

You must be able to allocate specific times for completing assignments and activities.

Basic computer skills

Our coursework begins with the assumption that you already have some basic computer skills including word processing and spreadsheets (i.e. Microsoft Word and Excel). However, the more computer skills you have, the more time you will be able to dedicate toward mastering course contents rather than addressing technical issues.

Highly motivated

All of our courses are rigorous, taking an average of 3 hours of concentrated effort per credit hour, per course, per week.

Access or can purchase additional software applications when necessary

Applications required to complete most of our on-line courses are available for free over the Internet. Minimum program requirements are listed under Required Resources. Any additional requirements are listed in each course. UTMB students will be able to purchase Microsoft office at a reduced rate.


WebCLS faculty will actively monitor your progress, but if any difficulties or questions arise, you must actively seek help from instructors, advisors, peers, or others.

If you have most of the characteristics listed above, we encourage you to apply for our distance education program now! If you have questions regarding the characteristics listed above, please contact our Admissions Chair at Admissions Chair or (409) 772-3055 to help you determine if our on-line distance education courses will suit your needs.

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This project is sponsored in part by the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), U.S. Department of Education.

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