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Orientation for New Faculty

When new faculty are appointed, the overall orientation plan will include the following components, with responsible parties and timing indicated.

Faculty member accepts appointment in writing. The Dean assigns a school faculty sponsor for the new appointee. The Dean’s Office arranges information on Galveston and the surrounding region to be sent to new appointee. If possible, sponsor is from another unit. Dean or Dean’s Office Designee
Sponsor appointed
by Dean
This person writes a letter of welcome and offers assistance to the appointee. Appointed faculty member.
First day on duty New faculty member is given a brief orientation to new employee requirements and is provided an appointment for UTMB orientation, security badge and parking. Dean's Office
First week of duty Faculty member is given tour of the school and introduced to key associates. Faculty member is also introduced at Faculty Assembly by Unit head. Unit Reporting official
(Chair, Program Director)
First week of duty Faculty member is shown location of web-resident policies and encouraged to explore these. PowerPoint orientation is demonstrated. Photo of new faculty member appears on school web page. Unit Reporting official
(Chair, Program Director)
First week of duty. School appointed sponsor takes the new faculty member to lunch. Dean's Office
First month of duty. Faculty member is given orientations in ORET, Admissions and Student Affairs, Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, and provided a tour of campus. The sponsor checks with the faculty member periodically to assist in answering questions. Home unit support staff arranges appointments.
End of first month Follow up. New faculty member is contacted to determine if there are questions, if additional assistance is needed. Dean's Office
End of 60 days. Post orientation survey is sent to new faculty member requesting suggestions on how orientation could be improved. Dean's Office