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Vision Statement

We envision a school that provides quality education in the health professions and encourages and rewards innovation.

In this environment:

  • we identify educational outcomes clearly,
  • we embody principles of adult learning, which are reflected in the best educational practices,
  • we promise team-oriented health care through true interdisciplinary learning,
  • we use current technology to promote learning,
  • we employ non-traditional methods for acquiring and demonstrating mastery to facilitate degree completion
  • students gain clinical experience in community settings, and
  • clinically competent graduates embrace ethical practices and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

We further envision an education environment where:

  • basic education instills awareness of professional identity and a lifelong dedication to learning,
  • faculty are attuned to developments and needs in the health care field, and
  • research and demonstration projects stimulate thought and enrich instruction define practice, and improve health care delivery.

This learning environment:

  • values and rewards continuous improvement in instructional strategies,
  • promotes career and personal development, and
  • encourages healthful living through its organizational practices.