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Master of Science in Health Professions

Admission Requirements

To be considered for the Master of Science in Health Professions, applicants must present official documentation of the following:

Student Competencies

  • GPA - 3.0 for all tracks on a 4.0 scale
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
    • Occupational Therapy (OT) - Minimum Acceptance GRE Score
    • Physician Assistant (PA) - Minimum Acceptance GRE Score
    • Physical Therapy (PT) - No requirement
    • Respiratory Care (RC) - Required if GPA is less than 3.0
  • Letters of recommendation
    • Three (3) letters required
    • At least one (1) letter must be from a practicing professional in your field (if applicable)
  • Prerequisites
    • Occupational Therapy (OT) - Bachelor of Science degree and OT or OTA licensure
    • Physician Assistant (PA) - Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited PA program and a current PA license
    • Physical Therapy (PT) - Bachelor of Science degree and PT or PTA licensure
    • Respiratory Care (RC) - Baccalaureate degree in any field and RRT credentials
  • TOEFL score of 550 (if English is a second language)
  • GRE scored on file (if applicable)

Items Needed Before Enrollment

  • Compliance training (to be completed within 30 days of enrollment)
  • Background check
  • Immunization records (if applicable)

Application Process

  1. Visit the UTMB Online Application and choose either new applicant or returning applicant.
  2. New applicants should create an online account. Returning applicants should login and complete the application.
  3. Make sure to check the "School of Health Professions" box and choose the correct semester in which you wish to apply.
  4. Once the application is completed, MSHP will review the application and notify you via email whether or not you have been accepted into the program.
  5. If accepted, you will need to log in to MyStar and accept the position of your desired program.