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The Robert L. Moody Prize

for Distinguished Initiatives in Brain Injury Research and Rehabilitation

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19th Annual Galveston Brain Injury Conference

May 2 & 3, 2019
Moody Gardens Hotel
Galveston, Texas

For more information, contact Judy Wolf at or call 409-772-3001.

The Moody Prize

The Robert L. Moody Prize recognizes distinguished contributions in brain injury rehabilitation and research. Administered by a board of governors and considered by a panel of experts, the Moody Prize:

Moody Prize Statue
  • Honors and recognizes individuals or a team of individuals who have made significant contributions in applied brain injury research and rehabilitation
  • Increases national and international awareness of the need to expand research and improve treatment for persons who have experienced traumatic brain injury, stroke, and related central nervous system insults
  • Provides incentives for future initiatives in clinical research, rehabilitation and support
  • Celebrates the distinguished contributions of Robert L. Moody in the field of brain injury rehabilitation and research.

The Moody Prize is presented by the UTMB Health School of Health Professions and The Transitional Learning Center of Galveston.


Criteria to be considered include

  • Total impact of a candidate's work
  • Candidate's achievements
  • Unique contributions and recognition by peers within the scientific or rehabilitation communities


The annual award consists of

  • $10,000 honorarium
  • A citation
  • An inscribed pyramid given to the winner at the Moody Prize dinner in Galveston

Nomination Form

Deadline: December 1

Download Nomination Form (.pdf)

The purpose of the Moody Prize is to recognize and honor individuals or groups whose efforts have made significant contributions toward

  1. Advancing clinical research related to acquired brain injury
  2. Developing improved treatment and rehabilitation procedures for persons who must contend with the disabilities associated with acquired brain disorders
  3. Increasing awareness of the need for the rehabilitation of individuals following brain injury

Send the completed form and endorsements to:

Judy Wolf
UTMB School of Health Professions
Office of the Dean
300 University Blvd.
Galveston, TX 77555-1028

P: 409-772-3001

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