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OTD Course of Study

Post-Professional OTD Course of Study

Fall (1st year) - *BS to OTD students only Credit Hours
OCCT 5351 Basic Research Methodology 3
OCCT 5352 Professional Development 3
  6 Total
Spring (1st year)  
OCCT 6150 Capstone Seminar I 1
OCCT 6350 Evidence Based Practice 3
OCCT 6354 Theory for Practice 3
  7 Total
Summer (1st year)  
OCCT 6151 Capstone Seminar II 1
OCCT 6256 Leadership 2
OCCT 6351 Research Methodology for Practice 3
  6 Total
Fall (2nd year)  
OCCT 6253 Outcome Measures for Practice 2
OCCT 6355 Program Development 3
  5 Total
Spring (2nd year)  
OCCT 6250 Capstone Development I 2
OCCT 6357 Health Policy and Ethics 3
  5 Total
Summer (2nd year) - *the student chooses two selective courses  
OCCT 6358 Education Theory in Academics and Clinical Practice 3
OCCT 6359 Health Promotion and Wellness 3
OCCT 6360 Contemporary Practice with Children 3
OCCT 6361 Contemporary Practice with Adults 3
  6 Total
Fall (2nd year)  
OCCT 6252 Capstone Development II 2
OCCT 6356 Current Issues and Trends in Occupational Therapy 3
  5 Total
Total Semester Credits for BS to OTD 40 Credits
Total Semester Credits for MS to OTD 34 Credits