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OTD Program Description

Most students will complete UTMB's post-professional OTD in two years. The curriculum allows the program to provide an intense pre-degree semester for students with Baccalaureate degrees. Before entering the post-professional OTD program, students with Baccalaureate degrees are required to take three credit-hours in a research design and analysis course at a Master's level and three credit-hours of portfolio development demonstrating advanced clinical expertise. The prerequisite courses needed for Bachelor's graduates to establish competency for a doctoral program is guided by UTMB faculty. This will allow mentorship in the development of a portfolio that establishes the essential pre-doctoral knowledge required for the program. Bachelors trained students will complete the program in seven semesters. Masters trained students will complete the program in six semesters. The spring semester of both years will require 4 days of on-site attendance. All courses are web-supported. Students entering the post-professional OTD program with a Master's degree or Baccalaureate degree, with the specified prerequisites (six credit hours), are required to take 28 credit-hours of required courses and a minimum six credit hours of selective courses for a total of 34 credit hours