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Maintaining the Occupational Therapy Classroom

Due to the large number of people who use the OT Classroom (Rm. 2.252) please observe the following rules so that the room remains orderly and ready for use by the next group:

  1. Remove any items from the counters. The counters should be clear when you leave the room.*
  2. Refrain from placing items on top of the cabinets.*
  3. Space the chairs so that there are two chairs under each long table. As you leave, push your chair in so that the back of the chair contacts the table.
  4. If the table tops and counters become soiled, use the cleaning supplies stored on a shelf at the front of the classroom.
  5. The white board should be clean at the end of each class or meeting. Use the cleaning supplies stored on a shelf at the front of the classroom. If you have a message that you would like to post, please post the message on the bulletin board by the door. Large sheets of paper are stored in the cabinet adjoining the storage room wall and marking pens are in a container on top of this cabinet. You may use supplies to write messages.
  6. Remove all papers, including handouts, from tables and the front counter and cabinets. If you miss class, or if there are extra handouts, your instructor will take them to his or her office where you can get a copy as arranged.
  7. Eating is permitted in the classroom if all utensils and other materials are removed and the area is maintained. Trash should be placed in the can at the front of the room near the door.
  8. Unfortunately we do not have room to recycle bottles or cans. If you use items that can be recycled, please take them home with you.
  9. SOTA and PTE have designated storage places. If you are a member of either of these groups, please store all items in the designated cabinet. If the materials you use won't fit into these cabinets you will need to take them home and bring them back as needed.
  10. The door between Rm. 2.252 and the carpeted lab, and the door between the carpeted lab and the ADL room should remain closed and locked unless you are using both rooms simultaneously. The last person to leave Rm. 2.252 should ensure that the door is locked.
Thank you for ensuring that we all have a pleasant learning environment.

*Note: If you created large charts or if you created materials that need to dry, such as splints, please store them in the large closet near the door.