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Faculty Advisors

Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor who assists the student with academic and professional development. A current list of advisors/advisees is kept on the student bulletin boards in the OT labs. Either the student or the faculty may request a counseling session at any time. Some faculty meet with their advisees on a regular basis; others meet only as needed. The following are examples of matters appropriate for academic advisement:

  • The advisor and advisee collaborate in the Professional Development Process.
  • The student request assistance in dealing with academic requirements of a course.
  • The student request assistance in dealing with non-academic matters affecting academic performance.
  • The advisor requests information dealing with academic performance.
  • The advisor refers the student to Student Wellness for non-academic matters.
  • The advisor meets with student on a regular basis as a result of the terms of academic probation.


During orientation, students are introduced to the campus e-mail system and assigned an e-mail address. Students may access the e-mail system from computers located on the second floor of the School of Health Professions or from remote sites. Information regarding class schedules, room changes, campus activities, messages from faculty or staff, class materials, and grades may be distributed electronically. Students are expected to respond to all messages in a timely fashion and print required class materials in advance of the class session. Students are expected to check their e-mail daily.