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MOT Program Description

Overall Educational Goals

The purpose of the curriculum is the development of occupational therapists who function as master practitioners, community leaders, educators, and scholars in the profession of occupational therapy and the discipline of occupational science. Graduates of the occupational therapy program will generate, apply, and disseminate knowledge to enhance societal health. Consistent with these outcomes, the program facilitates the development of professionals who are eligible for state licensure throughout the variety of Texas communities.

    Our graduates will:

  • Value human occupation as central to wellness, self-actualization, and a sense of community;
  • Demonstrate clinical reasoning based on supportive evidence;
  • Engage in collaborative and client-centered actions that reflect sensitivity to culture and context;
  • Demonstrate a confluence of the cognitive, affective, and behavioral competencies that are requisite to providing occupational therapy services within changing practice environments;
  • Incorporate professional values and behaviors that reflect the profession's standards and ethics;
  • Manage themselves and their services accountably, efficiently, and effectively;
  • Embrace an attitude of inquiry and a commitment to self-directed and lifelong learning; and
  • Value community and professional service as part of good citizenship.