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UTMB Occupational Therapy Etiquette

  1. Call in or e-mail if running late, in advance if possible. Report legitimate reasons for tardiness to the instructor after the fact if advance notice was not possible.
  2. Acknowledge as soon as possible any individual e-mail sent by faculty, if only to indicate receipt and the intent to respond as soon as feasible.
  3. Consider your advisor as the primary individual to approach with questions or needs. When ill or facing unexpected life challenges that compromise academic performance, keep your advisor in the loop. Keep your advisor informed of any grade of C or lower, even if by email, to indicate your plans to identify and/or address the problem.
  4. When needing to meet with an instructor, consult faculty calendars (near office doors) to identify office and/or free hours and send an e-mail suggesting a few possible meeting times for the faculty member to consider. Approaching faculty on breaks when they do not have calendars in hand may not be the most effective strategy.
  5. Take responsibility for being a good steward in SHP classrooms and OT rooms. Notice needs and report them to the proper individuals.
  6. Honor sign-out and other guidelines for resources taken/borrowed from the Bing library or OT office.
  7. Take reading assignments seriously. The expectation is that assignments will be read and that students will spend two hours in outside study for each hour spent in class. Be responsible to print out the course materials from the Blackboard and bring them to class
  8. Understand that all course assignments are to be completed individually by students unless instructions specify the expectation to work with others.
  9. Consider class sessions as professional events in which professional courtesies such as listening to the speaker, engaging in mature discussions with others, and responding to questions asked are the expectation.
  10. Treat Chair's Hour as a vital meeting that student professionals are expected to attend in order to access important information and contribute to important discussions. The perspective that students should assume during such meetings should be one of collaborative problem solving.
  11. Please do not ask faculty to meet with you during the noon hour unless an unavoidable situation arises.
  12. If the door to a faculty member's office is either open or partially open, please feel free to knock on the door. If the door is closed with a sign hanging on the outside with the request not to be disturbed, please honor this and return later. The best way to speak with a member of the faculty is to send an email and ask for an appointment.
  13. The staff usually takes lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. If the office door is closed please come back at a later time.
  14. No food or beverages are permitted in the quad rooms on the first floor. Beverages only are permitted in the OT classroom, carpeted lab and ADL areas except during the noon hour. During the noon hour students are permitted to gather for lunch in the OT classroom with the understanding that students will monitor themselves by ensuring that the tables are clean and they will refrain from leaving food or litter in the room afterwards. The OT classroom is to be clean and ready for instructional use by 12:50 each day.
  15. Please plan to bring your own bottled water if you choose not to drink water from the water fountains. The water dispenser in the main office is not available for general use.
  16. Each semester course instructors post final exam grades and final course grades for all courses in Blackboard on the same day. This is a day or two before grades are due to enrollment services. Please do not contact individual instructors for individual grades via email or by phone.