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John G. Bruhn Award for Professionalism recognizes a senior student who consistently displays, in personal and professional conduct, traits that bring credit to himself or herself, the school and his or her chosen health profession. Students are nominated for the award by faculty, including clinical instructors, and others whose lives they have touched. The selection committee thoroughly reviews each nomination and intends that the winner of the award be an individual whose actions reflect traits that distinguish former SHP dean, Dr. John G. Bruhn - energy, humanity and creativity. The recipient receives a plaque and monetary award.

Student Honor Award
recognizes the graduating student who has contributed the most to his or her peers, the school, the university, and the community. The many criteria for the award include school and community participation, professional involvement and responsibility, as well as scholarship. Being nominated for the award is, in itself, high praise.

Team IDEAL Capstone Project Award recognizes a team of graduating students from two or more disciplines who collaborated in the development and execution of an exemplary community project. Among the factors considered in the selection are the proposal's justification, potential contribution to the community, inclusion of IDEAL curriculum competencies and commitment to the goals and values of the Team IDEAL experience.

Team IDEAL Capstone Report Award recognizes the graduating student whose final, individual capstone project report represents a comprehensive and scholarly presentation of the student's interdisciplinary academic experience exemplifying the values and spirit of Team IDEAL. In addition to the report's strength of design, use of language, presentation of data, accuracy, and overall preparation, the student's personal expression of the lessons learned and values developed through participation in the Team IDEAL curriculum are especially significant.

Team IDEAL Professionalism Award
recognizes the graduating student whose interdisciplinary professionalism in Team IDEAL has been distinguished and meritorious. In addition to the student's distinguished participation in the Team IDEAL curriculum, selection criteria include leadership, individual and team responsibility, service to the community, and future potential to make significant contributions to the profession and the health care team.

Department of Occupational Therapy

Award for Outstanding Occupational Therapy Graduate

Award for Outstanding Service in Occupational Therapy

Award for Excellence in Practice