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Hand Performance Laboratory

The mission of the Hand Performance Laboratory is to improve the wellness of patients with deficits in hand performance by investigating the effectiveness of interventions for prevention and treatment of hand injuries, and improving standardized measurement procedures.

Under the direction of Dr. Caroline Jansen, studies performed in the laboratory focus on outcomes and etiology of carpal tunnel syndrome, and standardization of test procedures to evaluate hand performance. Recent work has focused on deficits in hand performance for patients with acquired brain injury. This study is a collaborative effort with the Transitional Learning Center. A new skill currently under investigation in the laboratory is the Workstep work evaluation and Functional Capacity Testing.

The Hand Performance Laboratory is equipped with standardized hand evaluation tools, such tools to test strength (hand dynamometers and pinch strength meters), hand sensation (Semmes Weinstein Monofilaments), and dexterity (Minnesota Dexterity Test and Purdue Peg Board).

The laboratory provides sufficient space for both research testing and confidential completion of patient-centered evaluation forms.

Collaborations with the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation, UTMB Rehabilitation Services, and the Transitional Learning Center enrich the environment of the laboratory.

Selected Publications:

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