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Student Research Opportunities

Opportunities for student participation in research are many. As part of the Doctor of Physical Therapy curriculum, students may choose to complete a research elective under the direction of a faculty mentor. A summary of each faculty member's research is provided here. Please click on any faculty member for an in-depth description of their work.

All DPT students are required to complete a clinical case report and are encouraged to present their work at professional meetings at the state and national levels.

Dr. Christine P. Baker investigates outcome data of allied health and physical therapy graduates; employer preferences of skills for new graduates, health status perception and ADL skills of pediatric burn injury clients, and parents' perceptions of children's transition from infant to preschool intervention programs.

Dr. Kurt A. Mossberg studies brain injuries. Students that are entry-level, post professional doctoral students or post doctoral fellows can become involved in research focused on the study of the effectiveness of specific exercise programs for those with acquired brain injury. The outcomes being measured include the overall cardiorespiratory capacity of the individual and overground walking ability. Studies are underway examining optimal aerobic training programs in those clients who are able to walk independently. Other studies are underway examining the role of body weight supported treadmill walking in individuals who are unable to walk independently.