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SHP Scholarship Thank you Letter Central

Welcome! If you were notified that you received a SHP scholarship award either by the UTMB Scholarships and Grants Office, Financial Aid, or by your Department ...then you are in the right place! Congratulations on your award!

The Enrollment Services/Financial Aid disbursement procedures can be found here.

Before you can receive your disbursement, you must submit a formal thank you letter (per instructions below, letter must be typed and in MS Word - see sample below. Most importantly because our donors deserve to be thanked.

Submit these items to:

UTMB Scholarship and Grants Office located at 2.208A Ashbel Smith Building (Old Red)
or email to

Prior to sending your thank you letter to the donor, you must have a copy of your thank you letter submitted to the Scholarship and Grants Office located at 2.208A Ashbel Smith (Old Red) within 14 calendar days of the date of your award notification for approval. Note: Your scholarship funds will not be disbursed if a copy of your letter is not received. In the event that you do not submit your letter of appreciation to the donor, your scholarship will be awarded to another deserving student.

The information below is provided to help you write your letters. The letter writing guide, proofreading tips and sample letter are the most important tools so do not miss them.

If you have any questions about the scholarship or need help with your letter, please call or email either of the following:

Elisabeth Sanders
Business Coordinator, Sr.
P: (409) 772-9807

Vicki Barker
Enrollment Services Specialist
P: (409) 772-9822

Anne Hale
Assistant Director, Scholarships
P: (409) 772-9796

Letter Writing Guide

  1. Write a warm and fact-filled thank you letter to you benefactor(s) on your computer. Proofread carefully; note: in some cases the addressee may be more than one individual or the addressee may be a relative of the original donor. Please adjust your letter accordingly.
  2. Send your letter to the UTMB Scholarship and Grants Office for approval.
  3. Your letter will be reviewed by a member of the UTMB Scholarship and Grants office. In cases where there are typos and/or grammatical errors, the letter will be returned to you for correction. We understand that you, as the recipient of the scholarship would want an error free letter sent to the donor(s).

Suggestions on what to share in your letter:

  • Name and class year
  • Where you are from and your family background
  • Comments on why you chose UTMB School of Health Professions
  • Your academic pursuits, major, courses of study
  • Your career goals, plans for the future
  • Awards or honors you have received
  • Clubs and other campus activities in which you are involved
  • Volunteer and community service
  • Internships
  • Study abroad experience
  • How the scholarship has helped you
  • Anything your donor might find interesting about your life at UTMB in SHP
  • Expression of your appreciation for the financial support you receive from the scholarship.

Proofreading and Other Tips

  1. Have someone else read your letter.
  2. Write the letter and put it aside for a while. When you come back, you will have a fresh perspective.
  3. Follow the letter writing guide.
  4. Use spell check or a dictionary
  5. Don't use abbreviations (write "I am an occupational therapy student" instead of "I am a OT student").
  6. Don't tell the donor how much money you or your parents make. This is neither appropriate nor any of his or her business.
  7. Use at least 12-point font if typing your letter. This will make it easier to catch mistakes and easier for the donor to read.
  8. Be as specific as possible.
  9. Thank the donor in the beginning and at the end of the letter.

Want more proofreading tips?

Visit this website.

Sample Letter


Mr. and/or Mrs. Donor Name
Name of Scholarship
City, State Zip

Dear Mr. and/or Mrs. DONOR,

My name is Student Name and it is with great pleasure that I write you this letter. I am the recipient of the NAME OF SCHOLARSHIP for the 20_ _ academic year. Your generosity means a great deal to me and is very much appreciated.

I grew up in Galveston with my father, mother and older brother. I chose to attend the UTMB School of Health Professions because it is close to home and because I knew I would get the personal attention I desired from professors. I love the school and would encourage anyone who is college searching to check it out.

I'm a non-traditional student in my junior year at UTMB in the Occupational Therapy Program and actively involved in: <enter your details>. I hope to <what is your ambition?>.

Thank you for believing in UTMB School of Health Professions enough to donate financially to students like me. You are helping me to earn a high-quality degree that I know will take me far professionally. One day I hope to follow your example and give to the school so that future students can have the same terrific experience that I've had.


Student Name
Department/Program Name, Class of (Graduation Year)
UTMB School of Health Professions