Faculty Spotlight

March 2019

Amol Karmarkar

Amol Karmarkar, PhD

Associate Professor
Division of Rehabilitation Sciences

Web Biography

Dr. Amol Karmarkar is an Associate Professor in the division of Rehabilitation Sciences at UTMB. He joined Rehabilitation Sciences at UTMB in December 2009 as a post-doctoral fellow after completing his doctoral training and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh and VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. Dr. Karmarkar is also a co-director of the Techniques and Methods Development core for a NIH-funded Center for Large Data Research and Data Sharing in Rehabilitation (CLDR). He is been part of the leadership of the center since its inception in 2010, which has a primary mission of developing capacity for rehabilitation professionals to conduct research using large datasets.

Dr. Karmarkar’s research focus include investigation of utilization of acute and post-acute care services and associated outcomes using administrative claims and other large datasets. He is particular interested in comparing outcomes such as quality measures, across post-acute care settings, to determine effectiveness and efficiencies of these settings for delivering optimal care for patients after they get discharged from cute hospitals, using Medicare claims data. The research projects conducted by Dr. Karmarkar are time sensitive as the U.S. healthcare system is moving towards value-based care, through several initiatives one being episode-based payment models.

Amol Karmarkar stands next to his poster.