Faculty Spotlight

October 2018

Lynee Hughes

Lynne Hughes, PT, PhD, OCS, MTC

Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy

Web Biography

Dr. Lynne Hughes joined the SHP faculty in 2014 to teach in the Bridge PTA to DPT program. Her current research interest is incorporating manual therapy as an appropriate and effective intervention for older persons. Dr. Hughes utilizes mixed methods design to provide both quantitative and qualitative views of participant outcomes.

A woman stands in front of a line graph, deermining the curvature of her spine.

Her current research developed from a project funded by Claude D. Pepper Pilot OAIC Grant in 2015. This project examines effectiveness of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise intervention to improve posture in persons over 50 years of age with thoracic hyperkyphosis or forward head. In clinical settings, manual therapists are often hesitant to provide mobilizations or manipulations on their geriatric patients. Dr. Hughes believes that manual therapy is key to improving posture in a relatively short episode of care. Therapeutic exercise has been proven effective in the older population to improve posture; however, the typical intervention duration of 3-6 months is not clinically feasible.

In her current study, Dr. Hughes and team provide treatments 3 times a week for 4 weeks with significant postural improvement. Posture has also been linked with balance, gait, pulmonary function, attitude, and even mortality.

SHP faculty collaborating with Dr. Hughes on this project include: Dr. Rebecca Galloway (PT), Dr. Adrianna Laprea (PT), Dr. Mansoo Ko (PT), Dr. Laura Oppermann (PT), Dr. Carolyn Utsey (PT), Dr. Rodney Welsh (PT, OT), and Dr. Jose Rojas (RC). In addition, three students have assisted in the study: Kirby Capps, Ben Glidden, and Meagan Bourque. Dr. Hughes and team plan to expand recruitment of subjects to include persons with pulmonary dysfunction.

Lynne Hughes applies pressure to a patient's back.