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Respiratory Care Students Utilize Makerspace Technology for Enhanced Learning

Dr. Jose Rojas, associate professor and chair of the SHP Respiratory Care program was quoted in the UTMB Academic Enterprise article titled, Makerspace in August 2017.

Article Excerpt:

Dr. Jose RojasJose Rojas, PhD RRT, associate professor and chair of respiratory care for the School of Health Professions, started integrating the makerspace into his students' research rotation last year. His students recently created a difficult-to-find replacement part for a damaged intubation manikin used for simulation.

Students learn about other health professions and help each other solve challenges in the makerspace's low-stakes environment. Dr Rojas also see potential for teamwork among individuals at various career stages.

"I see a lot of older clinicians who are afraid of technology but have a wealth of experience taking care of patients." On the other hand, he says, you have tech-savvy students with little to no experience. "If you put these people together, the possibilities are endless." Collaboration in the makerspace has the potential to "make a world of difference for patient outcomes," he adds.

Respiratory Care students holds up plastic handle piece.

Heavens John, a respiratory student in the School of Health Professions, designed and printed out a replacement part for a respiratory simulation device under the guidance of Jose Rojas, PhD, RRT.

Source: Academic Enterprise