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Dr. Kenneth J. Ottenbacher awarded $600,000 grant from U.S. Department of Education

November 21, 2014

The U.S. Department of Education awarded Kenneth J. Ottenbacher, PhD, OTR, a total of approximately $600,000 for his three-year grant entitled, "Readmission and Disability Outcomes Related to Post Acute Care."

Unplanned hospital readmission among individuals in high-cost impairment groups who receive post-acute care services is a significant health care concern. Dr. Ottenbacher and his colleagues will examine hospital readmissions for individuals in high-volume, high-cost impairment groups receiving post-acute care services to determine what factors are associated with hospital readmissions from post-acute care settings and create and test predictive models to identify people at high risk for rehospitalization.

The findings of this research will address priorities of the Affordable Care Act, assist in validating readmission as a National Quality Indicator for post-acute care settings and help reduce health care costs.

Dr. Ottenbacher is Professor and Director of Rehabilitation Sciences and Russell Shearn Moody Distinguished Chair in Neurological Rehabilitation. He is also Director of our Center for Recovery, Physical Activity and Nutrition and Associate Director of our Sealy Center on Aging. A leader in rehabilitation sciences, Dr. Ottenbacher has published more than 320 peer-reviewed articles and four books. His research has been continuously funded for nearly three decades.

Dr. Ottenbacher serves as a member of several scientific societies, such as the American Heart Association, American Geriatrics Society, Gerontology Society of America, American Occupational Therapy Association and American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. His accolades include a Presidents' Commendation Award from the American Occupational Therapy Association and American Occupational Therapy Foundation, an Outstanding Service Award from the Association of Academic Physiatrists and the Edward Lowman Award from the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Ottenbacher is a founding member of our Academy of Research Mentors.