Master of Science and Dietetic Internship (MS/DI)

Program Cost of Attendance

The estimated cost for tuition and fees in the MS/DI Program is at approximately $22,504.96 for TX residents and approximately $42,748.48 for out-of-state students.

The estimated is based on 2022-2023 tuition rates at 11 credit hours per semester and may be subject to change. For more tuition and fees details, please refer to the UTMB Office of Enrollment Services.

Additional Expenses

Each student's cost of travel varies based on the locations their supervised practice rotation facilities. Books, professional attire, name tags, travel (e.g. car, commuting to sites, parking), health insurance, drug tests, background checks, lab coats and/or scrubs, physical exams, and registration fees for professional organizations and meetings are additional expenses and are also variable. The student is responsible for all transportation and per diem costs.

Financial Assistance

Since students receive academic credit for courses and supervised practice rotations, tuition is charged for all 44 credits. Financial aid and military benefits can be used to pay for the program. Students are typically at full-time status throughout the entire program, and any existing loans may be deferred for the duration of the program.

Federal financial aid can be awarded in the form of loans and grants to eligible students.

Scholarships & Graduate Assistantships

Additional assistance is available from the School of Health Professions, the University of Texas Medical Branch and the State of Texas in the form of scholarships and short-term loans. Interns are also encouraged to apply directly to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to be considered for their national scholarship program. All UTMB and SHP scholarship applications open after notification (match) day.

At this time, our program does not offer any graduate assistantships or work study programs. Students may be able to find open positions in other departments or schools on campus via the UTMB Careers webpage.

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