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Dept. of Nutrition & Metabolism
School of Health Professions
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-1124

O: SHP 2.250N
P: 409-772-2578
F: 409-772-2577

Nutrition and Metabolism Faculty

Dr. Christopher Fry

Christopher Fry, PhD

Assistant Professor

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Contact Information

301 University Blvd.
Galveston, TX 77555-1124

P: 409-747-5680

Teaching Interests

Evidence Based Clinical Practice, Nutrition and Metabolism Seminar

Research Interests

Skeletal muscle physiology, muscle stem cell biology, skeletal muscle plasticity


Dr. Fry is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Metabolism. Dr. Fry completed a B.S. in Biology at Baylor University, Ph.D. in biomedical sciences at UTMB and postdoctoral training in muscle physiology at the University of Kentucky. His research interests include aging, nutrition, exercise and muscle physiology.

Dr. Fry's research focuses on elucidating the mechanisms that regulate skeletal muscle plasticity to establish interventions to maintain skeletal muscle mass and strength during conditions of muscle wasting. Much of his current work involves studying the contribution of different progenitor cells to muscle adaptation. Projects in lab include aging muscle growth, muscle recovery following an ACL injury, and interventions to promote restoration of atrophied muscle following a severe burn injury. Dr. Fry's lab utilizes several different experimental models, including cell culture, rodent models as well as muscle samples from clinical studies.

Notable Publications