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Educational Projects

The links on this page go to descriptions and other information regarding current educational projects in the School of Health Professions.

Clinical Laboratory Accessibility Project

The goal of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Accessibility Project (CLSAP), proposed by the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), is to develop and evaluate the use of high quality clinical laboratory educational materials packaged as “learning objects” (LO) as a cost effective method of providing access to microbiology education resources for faculty, students and laboratory personnel throughout the United States.

This will be accomplished through the development of learning objects using preexisting instructional materials, creation of a web-accessible database of digital educational materials for distribution, and collaboration with national digital libraries to catalog and disseminate the LOs.

This proposal will measure the cost effectiveness of these LOs and the web-accessible database as a method to provide access to a range of digital learning materials in the education of CLS students. The project will evaluate the use of these objects (i.e. are they used and how are they used), are they cost effective (do they save faculty time and resources), and do they increase access to microbiology education.

Formative evaluation will include faculty and student usability studies and the value of these materials in terms of faculty time and program resources. The evaluation will also include determining the effectiveness of digital educational materials to provide quality educational access to a variety of educational programs (such as CLS programs, other allied health programs, undergraduate microbiology classes and medical schools).

Student and faculty surveys of the perceived effectiveness of the educational materials as a method for acquiring laboratory concepts will be also be measured to assess the success of the project.

UTMB's leadership will bring the strength of its previous experience with the creation of online educational materials, measuring the student outcomes on the use of instructional technology and distance education and its role in establishing partnerships with other institutions.

LEAP - Laboratory Education and Advancement Project

The LEAP Project offers medical laboratory technicians within Texas the opportunity to earn their bachelor’s degree in CLS via interactive video-teleconferencing, computer-based instructional lessons, and the Internet.

PAL - Partnerships and Ladders

The PAL project develops partnership programs with historically Black and Hispanic undergraduate institutions, community colleges, and institutions in medically underserved areas of Texas to develop Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) and Respiratory Care (RC) educational tracks for minority students.

WebCLS - Web-based Education in Clinical Laboratory Sciences

The new WebCLS Project provides an articulation route for medical laboratory technicians in rural, medically underserved areas to earn their bachelor’s degree or continuing education credits in CLS via the Internet.

Worldwide Health Information System Simulation Linkage

The WHISSL project focuses on teaching health sciences students an interdisciplinary, community-based approach to patient care planning. These are simulations where the student is in a telemedicine setting and can access a complete web-based electronic patient record. An international team of faculty are designing the simulated patient cases and the software to create this life-like environment on the web. For further information, please go to the WHISSL web site.

Assignment - See WHISSL as a student would see it.