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SHP Employee Recognition - Do you know a fellow SHP employee or team of employees who have done an outstanding job; who exemplify the vision and values of our institution? How about an employee who has made an outstanding contribution to the community, independently or through their work with other organizations? Do you know someone who has provided significant service to another individual?

You can nominate that deserving employee, or team of employees, through the U Rock employee recognition program. The purpose of the program is to say "thank you," "well done," "we value you as an employee." It is a process to express our appreciation for the contributions of each other. Examples of reasons to say thank you include; fixing a computer glitch in a timely manner, assisting with a project, performing job duties in a friendly and courteous manner, etc.

Recognize outstanding performance by emailing

Two names are chosen from all SHP STARS nominations every two months. Winners also receive a gift card as a token of appreciation for their exemplary work!

2016-2017 Honorees

March 2017

Dr. Eddie Salazar and Dr. Elizabeth Protas

Eddie Salazar
Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Nominator: Lynne Riggs

I nominate Dr. Eddie Salazar for getting our DCLS going and for being such an outstanding faculty member and all around good guy.

March 2017

Sharon McEachern and Dr. Elizabeth Protas

Sharon McEachern
Occupational Therapy

Nominator: April Cowan

I recognize Sharon McEachern for going above and beyond her assigned job duties. Recently, Sharon drove in from her home to assist a faculty member with gaining access to the building. I doubt that most people would have taken time out of their personal lives in order to help someone open a door. This is evidence that Sharon provided significant service to another individual over a weekend without questioning what was in it for her. She deserves all of the following accolades: "Thank You", "Well Done", and "We value you as an employee."

February 2017

Dr. Amol Karmarkar and Dr. Elizabeth Protas

Amol Karmarkar
Rehabilitation Sciences

Nominator: Cynthia Li

Dr. Amol Karmarkar is a professional and knowledgeable mentor for the postdocs. He always provides helpful guidance and was very supportive during my first year as a postdoc. He is approachable for guidance and I enjoy that we can sit outside the building to have meetings and discuss research ideas. I am very thankful for his mentorship and appreciate his efforts and time to prepare me to become a successful researcher.

February 2017

Donna Swanson and Dr. Elizabeth Protas

Donna Swanson
Physical Therapy

Nominator: Robyn Williams

I nominate Donna Swanson, the coordinator of our DPT-Bridge program. Donna has a great work ethic and is a vital part of our team. She serves our prospective students efficiently and professionally, mainly because she is a good listener. I especially like it when she turns on her "drill sergeant mode" and cracks the whip on our Bridge students and faculty when necessary. Although Donna is only here for 19 hours a week, she is always willing to help when needed. She is a pleasure to work with and I'm glad that she is a part of our team.

November 2016

Michelle Conley and Dr. Elizabeth Protas

Michelle Conley
Academic and Student Affairs

Nominator: Colleen Casey

The Nutrition & Metabolism Department were tasked with organizing a Protein Symposium by Dr. Callender. After a few weeks I realized how little I knew about event planning (CME credits, website design, promotional material, registrations, vendors, etc.). After many emails back and forth, numerous decisions and all the follow-up, I brought my concerns to my dear friend Michelle Conley. With permission from Dr. Salas-Provance, Michelle jumped in. She is so incredibly organized and detailed. Without her assistance, I believe I would have failed Drs. Callender and Rasmussen. She is a wonder woman by all accounts. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude and am so grateful for her organizational skills and never-ending energy level. I consider her an amazing co-worker and a wonderful friend.

November 2016

Dr. Soham Al Snih and Dr. Elizabeth Protas

Janet Enderle
Clinical Laboratory Science

Nominator: Muneeza Esani

Janet is always willing to help colleagues and students with anything we need and she does it with a smile on her face. She deals with numerous preceptorship sites and makes sure that all students have a place to go. Thanks Janet for all you do.

Past Honorees

Month & Year Staff Honoree Faculty Honoree
July 2016 Leti Ford Soham Al Snih
June 2016 Hyacinth Woods Monique Pappadis
April 2016 Beth Cammarn Karen Ratcliff
October 2015 Tina Means Bruce Adcock
July 2015 Debbie Cooper Jennifer Eames
May 2015 Susan Danley Diane Collins
January 2015 Chantele Singleton Tim Reistetter
November 2014 Darlene Bordelon Tara Patterson
September 2014 Sharon McEachern Jean Gutierrez
July 2014 Nancy Berry James Graham
May 2014 Marcus Norwood Heather Ashford
March 2014 Shirley McGraw Amol Karmarkar
January 2014 Hyacinth Woods José Rojas
November 2012 Mark Hackfeld Rebecca Galloway
October 2012 Tenisha Madkins Camellia St. John
August 2012 Vickie Ladner Linda Myers
May 2012 Judy Wolf Jill Seale
March 2012 Janet Vincent Cara Westerman
January 2012 Carolyn Cooper Eddie Salazar
September 2011 Lynne Riggs Kira Beal
July 2011 Beth Cammarn Jose Rojas
May 2011 Mary Ellen Beaupre Jennifer Hale
March 2011 Michelle Conley Michael Furtado
January 2011 Debbie Hamilton Vicki Freeman
November 2010 Sharon McEachern Jane Finley
September 2010 Angie Donella Henry Cavazos
July 2010 Carolyn Cooper Gretchen Stone
May 2010 Lynne Riggs Sophie Rydin
March 2010 Leti Ford Doug Paddon-Jones
January 2010 Paula Gabriles Carolyn Utsey
November 2009 Darlene Bordelon Barbara Doucet
September 2009 Ed Woods Patricia Fingerhut
July 2009 Angela Donnella Jon Nilsestuen
May 2009 Sharon Jensen Suzanne Peloquin
March 2009 Shirley McGraw James Graham